Rush to Crush Cancer

Why We Ride

A shared mission, vision and purpose.

We created Rush to Crush Cancer as a way of harnessing the spirit, sense of purpose and generous nature of the communities we serve. To extend the reach of our message, to amplify the voice of patients and survivors, and to help fuel our ceaseless efforts to accelerate the science and further the research so we can end cancer once and for all.

We Ride

to connect neighborhoods, communities, and people to a common cause. 

to inspire patients, survivors, and everyone whose life has been touched by cancer. We ride for researchers, clinicians, nurses, and everyone who works every day to change lives.

to celebrate the generosity, compassion and energy of our communities.

to have fun as we ride through our beautiful city and its unique neighborhoods at our own pace, alone or with a group of friends, amid a community united in a powerful cause.

to get to the next level. At UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of research as we strive to better understand, diagnose, treat, and prevent cancer. 

to get miles closer to achieving the extraordinary: life without cancer. We are getting closer every day.

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UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

What began as a local research facility has become a world-renowned regional and international network using the latest technologies to deliver better patient outcomes.

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Cancer Research

Our path toward crushing cancer begins with research.

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