Rush to Crush Cancer


The early bird gets the lower fee.

The sooner you sign up, the lower the fee. Plus, the more time you have to work toward your fundraising goal. Registration fees will increase in November!

Bundles of fun.

When you register for Rush to Crush Cancer, we will show our appreciation with a few items to help you remember the event.

Fee ride.

Registration fees vary—just like the routes themselves. So you will be investing more than just energy when you participate.

The more you ride, the more you raise.

Every dollar you raise will go far in the battle against cancer. And the further you go, the more you will raise. Here are the registration fees and minimum fundraising levels for each ride route:

15 miles

  • Kids (12-18) -   $25 Registration fee/ $150 fundraising goal
  • Adults -  $50 Registration fee/ $500 fundraising goal

40 miles

  • All Riders (14+) - $100 Registration fee/ $1,000 fundraising goal

60 miles

  • All Riders (14+) - $150 Registration fee/ $1,250 fundraising goal


  • All Riders (12+) - $75 Registration fee/ $500 fundraising goal

Register Online

Head over to the online registration portal for the inaugural Rush to Crush Cancer!

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Register by Mail

Download the registration form and follow the instructions to complete your mail-in registration.

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