Rush to Crush Cancer

Spectator's Guide

Your guide to being a Rush to Crush Cancer spectator!

Whether your loved one is riding 15-, 40-, or 60-miles, they need your support! Here is your one-stop-shop to plan out how you’ll be their biggest cheerleader along the courses.

General Recommendations: 

  • Leave early! - Road closures will begin at 4:30am at our start and finish line area and the 15-mile course will be fully closed by 7:00AM. If you’re setting up for the 15-mile group, make sure to arrive early! If you’re planning on cheering for a 40- or 60-mile rider, make sure you know the best way to get there. 
  • Dress for the weather - We can’t always predict the weather so make sure you’re prepared with your sunblock, rain jackets, different layers, etc. 
  • Cheer! Don’t Block! - Riders need all the space on the streets so please be respectful. Stay on the sidewalks on closed streets and out of the way on the 40-mile and 60-mile routes. Please be respectful of all locations and make sure to pick up any trash before leaving. 
  • Wish them well and find your place - Once you wish your rider well, make sure you head to your spectator location with ample time! 

Recommended Spectator Locations 

While you’re out there cheering on your rider, there are a few places we would suggest you gather for the best experience. We have broken this down into the best locations, by neighborhood, on each of the courses. We have also included information about the best places to cheer on riders at the Start/Finish line. Check it out here: 

Start/Finish Line 

We’re excited to have our ride start and end at Stage AE in Pittsburgh’s North Shore. We’ll have our Rider’s Village filled with fun activations and rider support. On the course, there are a few areas we’d love to have spectators filling the sidewalks to cheer riders on! 





  • Stage AE: Head to Stage AE to connect with your rider.

15-mile Course

During the morning of Saturday, May 20th, the 15-mile course is the only course that will be fully closed off to traffic. We encourage all spectators to come out and cheer on riders from the sidewalks all throughout the city! Here are some of the best spots: 


  1. Three Rivers Heritage Trail at S 4th Street and McKean Street - this area will catch riders just before the Three Rivers Heritage Trail that will take them through the South Side along the river. Give them a boost with your best noise makers here! 
  2. Three Rivers Heritage Trail from 4th Street entrance to the South Side Marina - This South Side Trail system is well paved and perfect to setup and cheer folks on! Consider these locations to cheer:
  3. S Water Street between REI/27th Street and Hot Metal Bridge - With riders heading up to Hot Metal Bridge, keep up the energy by cheering them on! 


  1. Grant Street between 1st Ave and 11 Street


  1. Liberty Avenue from 16th Street to 27th street
  2. Liberty Ave & 31st Street


40-Mile Course

Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District is the first leg of the race that runners will pass through and the last before Downtown! If you want to see your runner at the start and cheer them on while they make it to Downtown, this is your best bet! 



  • O'Hara Township Municipal building - This will be a rest stop for riders and is a perfect place to give them some well earned encouragement before taking on the rest of the 40-mile course! 


60-mile Course

Pittsburgh’s North Side and North Shore have always been known for one thing, cheering on those in Black and Yellow. Whether it’s the Steelers, Pirates, or a Rush To Crush Cancer Rider, this neighborhood never disappoints. Here are some of the best spots: 


  • Central Elementary -Rest Stop Entrance or Rest Stop Exit - Central Elementary will be another rest stop for riders to check on their bikes, refuel, and prepare to take on the rest of the ride! If you’re hoping to cheer on a 60-Mile rider, setup here at either the entrance or exit of the stop. 
  • Pro Bike + Run - As one of our Rush To Crush Cancer Partners, this Pro Bike + Run rest stop will be filled with bike gear and technicians ready to solve any issues a rider might have. Cheer them on while they’re almost done with their 6-mile ride!  


  • Eden Christian Academy - Spectators are welcome to cheer on riders along Nicholson Road in the grass of Eden Christian Academy.